A King ... Would Carry His Own Cross ... J Nelson K
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Equal In The Eyes Of The Lord (Easter)
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No One Will Be First ... Yet No One Will Be Last ...

All Of Gods' People ... Are Equal In The Eyes Of The Lord

We Are All Gods' People ...

And Equal In The Eyes Of The Lord

Verse I

When The Weight Of The World Gets Pressed Upon You

And Seems You're Learning Every Hard Life Lesson Ever Known

Let Go And Turn To Him ... While Standing There Beside You

He Will Bring The Strength In Faith That Lifts Your Heavy Load

From The Only Place Where ...


Verse II

What's That Young Man ... You've Traveled Down A Dark Road

Feeling So Ashamed Of Some Things You've Said And Done

Go Tell It All To Him ... No He'll Not Be There To Judge You

Though He Will Wash Away Your Sin As He Will For Anyone

Who Finds That Place Where ...


Instrumental Break

Alternate Easter Verse

Now When You Wake ... On Easter Morn And He Is Risen

Sing Glory Hallelujah ... Praise The Savior ... It Is Done

Then Let The Light Of Jesus' Love Burn Forever Brightly

May It Blossom In The Souls Of Those Who Seek Him When They Come

To Find That Place Where ...


Lyrics Credits: J Nelson K
Music Credits: J Nelson K / F. Golz
Producer Credits: J Nelson K
Publisher Credits: N/A
Performance Credits: J Nelson K
Label Credits: N/A
Song Length: 4:22
Primary Genre: Folk-Religious
Secondary Genre: Unique-Religious
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: God
Mood 1: Tranquil
Language: English