May We Grow In the Grace Of Your Forgiveness ... J Nelson K
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Till Forever Finally Comes

My Best Friend For You ... I Sing This Song

With The Feeling There Just Seemed No Other Way

Still ... Needing You To Know ... And All My Love To Tell And Show

On This Our Wedding Day

Thinking That Today ... Could Be Ours To Own

And When ... Tomorrow Too Will See

New Love Take Root And Grow ... Where Deep Within Our Faith We'll Go

And A Splendid Place This World Shall Be

If You Need Someone ... Know That I'll Be There

When You Want Someone ... To Have And Hold ... Who'll Gently Care

And Though Not Only For Today ... Yet In Every Way ...

Until Forever Finally Comes ... You'll Know My Love Is Here To Stay

Instrumental Break

Love Of My Life For You ... I Sing This Song

With The Feeling Words Alone Yearn To Convey

Darling May Your Music Flow ... Where In The Joy Now Sings My Soul As Humbly Here We Ask And Pray ...

Dear Lord ... That You Might Bless And Guide Our Love

Until Forever Finally Comes ... And On This ...

Our Wedding Day
Lyrics Credits: K. D. Benton / J Nelson K
Music Credits: J Nelson K
Producer Credits: J Nelson K
Publisher Credits: N/A
Performance Credits: J Nelson K - All Instruments, Lead and Backing Vocals
Label Credits: N/A
Short Song Description:
With A Lyric Inspired And Co-Written With A Life Long Friend, This Song Is Dedicated To Those Deeply In Love Who Have, Or Will One Day Be Blessed To Know, The Wonder Of Their Wedding Day ...
Long Song Description:
Story Behind the Song:
Originally Sketched Out Many Moons Ago As A Rough Draft On A Legal Pad, Lyric Began On A Different Path And Not Meant To Be A Wedding Song At First. Yet, Years Later, Having Been Reciprocal Best Men And Godfathers To Their Sons, The Writers Unearthed The Original Idea/Notes And Re-Worked The Song To It's Present Form. Ultimate Honor Came Recently When A Good Friend And Bride To Be Chose To Use This Song As Her Processional At An Outdoor Ceremony On An Estate In The Green Mountains Of Vermont. Second Honor Came When Sung And Played Live As A Prelude To Another Couple's Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Ceremony Where They Renewed Their Vows. May God Bless Each Bride And Their Respective Groom ... 'Till Forever Finally Comes ...
Song Length: 3:15
Primary Genre: Folk-Religious
Secondary Genre: Folk-Religious
Tempo: Very Slow (Under 70)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Marriage
Subject Matter 2: Love a Married Person
Mood 1: Peaceful
Mood 2: Serene
Similar Artist 2: Kenny Rogers
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later